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Saving money with your septic system

Having to maintain your septic tank isn’t something people want to think about all the time and frankly – it’s something you don’t need to talk about all the time. However, there are things you can do to ensure it stays a lighter lift and even more importantly...

Common reasons for a leaky septic tank

One of the worst things that can happen to a septic tank owner is for there to be a leak. It’s not just the saturation – it’s also a matter of the surrounding area being contaminated with sewage and waste coming from the tank itself.  As bad as that is right...

Does your lift station need to be cleaned?

If you aren’t making sure that your lift station is properly maintained then you can expect a whole host of problems to follow. Things like leaks, sewage backup, broken pipes, faulty wiring, and motor failure are just some of the problems you can encounter. Keeping...

Summer septic tank care suggestions

We’re officially in the throws of summer and that’s a good thing! Summer means time outside, enjoying the sunshine and in some cases – getting some things done around the house! Today, we’re going to talk about your septic tank and what things there are for you...

Keeping your septic team working well in the summer

Whether you’re a residential homeowner with a lift station and septic tank or a commercial restaurant owner with frequent bathroom goers – today’s blog is for you. The summertime is busy – whether at home or on the job. Kids are home, people are out and...