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All about lift station sensors

Sensors are an important component in lift stations. Without a good one, lift stations will overflow, pumps can be destroyed and power use is inefficient and wasteful. This month’s post will discuss the various sensors you can use in a lift station – as well as...

When you should pump your septic system

Whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner, septic tanks can be a truly cost-effective way to deal with waste water. That being said, they need regular maintenance or they’ll stop working. Here are a few indications that you might need to get your...

Signs your lift station needs rehab

We’ve all been there before – you’re headed out to your lift station to unplug another pump. Or dealing with more backup. Or you’re dealing with perpetually unstable surroundings. It’s getting old and it’s getting really expensive. Chances are – you’re probably in...

Grappling with clogging issues with your lift stations

One of the biggest issues you’ll encounter with wastewater lift stations is clogging. On one hand, this should be expected as clogging is a pretty routine maintenance issue that pops up merely from usage. On the other hand, when it occurs too often – it can increase...

R & R Lift Stations Expands Service

R & R Lift Stations Services Corp. can not only repair and maintain lift stations, they can provide most major parts for them from local companies. And with their “best deal guarantee” they match or beat any written estimate on repairs, replacements,...