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Signs of septic tank emergencies

Septic tanks are finicky things. When they’re working great – you barely notice them. When something fails and the system goes south – they have a habit of becoming the center of your life. Because those two bookends represent such extreme reactions and emotions in...

Keeping trees away from your septic system

Trees provide a whole swath of benefits for homeowners. They’re aesthetically pleasing and add value to a home. They reduce runoff and damage done by storms. They provide homes for wildlife and help reduce energy costs. Trees are great. But they also shouldn’t ever be...

Winter Septic System Maintenance tips

Nothing can put a damper on the holiday season quite like a broken septic system. Here are three things you should try to keep in mind as we enter the colder, winter months to make sure your septic system stays up, running and operational. Maintenance and inspection ...

What causes septic systems to fail

Owning septic systems in areas like Clearwater can present a lot of challenges. It’s hot and moist here, so you’ll need to take extra precautions when you install your system. Not doing so can lead to a myriad of failures – of which we’ll outline in greater detail...

Septic Life Station tips that make your life easier

One good rule of thumb to always live by is that whatever is best for your septic system is almost always whatever’s best for your lift station. Lift stations collect sewage and stores it so it can get transported out to a higher elevation. Any malfunction within that...

All about lift station sensors

Sensors are an important component in lift stations. Without a good one, lift stations will overflow, pumps can be destroyed and power use is inefficient and wasteful. This month’s post will discuss the various sensors you can use in a lift station – as well as...