10 Lift Station Maintenance Recommendations You Need to Know

A lift stations electrical components and pumps constantly go through physical stress which requires maintenance and repairs. Every 12 to 25 years, it is recommended to rebuild the stations with wholesale replacement equipment. In the case of large capacity pumps, rebuilding the unit is required every two years. The consequence of not maintaining these units can result in unwanted expensive repair bills.

Take a look at 10 tips to help you avoid lift station problems and breakdowns:

Clean your wet wells every two years or more to decrease the chance of grease and solid build-up. After a period of time, this build-up can turn into a gas, damage the impeller, sink or pump.
2. Inspect the submersible pumps every 3 months to check the condition of the impeller and to make sure there is no debris or materials inside that can clog the pumps.

3. Review and inspect for grease on the check valves every 2 years to prevent issues with the force main and wet well.

4. Inspect and clean the floats 4 times every year to get rid of grease that can stop the floats from functioning.

5. Check the alarm systems and the light once a week for the system to be able to alarm you when problems with the lift station occurs.

6. Install an hourly meter on the motors to get an up to date record of the status of the motors cycle behavior. Be sure to keep a record of the maintenance and motor hours in a notebook or electronic spreadsheet.

7. Every month, complete an amp reading. If the reading shows negative results, debris in the propeller, water or motor is inside the wiring or motor housing.

8. An review of the entire electrical motor control equipment every 6 months is necessary to see if there is a poor connection or worn out parts.

9. Make sure to clean and inspect the covers, basin and clean-outs to prevent any build-ups.

10. Last but no least, maintain accurate records during scheduled maintenance. This will help to give you an idea of the issue if it comes up again in the future.

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