Tips for purchasing a lift station

Lift stations are almost always something people don’t even think about until they have to. Long story, short – lift stations help waste water work against gravity and help keep things clean and safe.

If you know you’ll need to buy one in the near future, we’re sure you’ll have a ton of questions, some of which we’ll attempt to answer here today. If you’re in the market for a lift station, here are the things you’ll have to consider and think about so that you make the best possible purchase. Let’s jump right in!

Wet well materials

Lift stations are basically made up of two basic parts: the wet well and the controls. The wet well houses all the pumps and is the place where all the you-know-what will be stored. Generally speaking, they’re made out of fiberglass and concrete. You might stumble across the odd metal basin, but those are more and more rare these days as their overall cost and performance pale in comparison to both fiberglass and concrete – but particularly fiberglass.

Design and controls are really important

The second part of lift station is it’s controls. Most lift stations will run on their own – but it’s still important to understand how the unit runs and whether the controls are easy to access, decipher and use. Make sure there’s an option that allows you to take control when it’s necessary. That way in the event of an accident or issue- you can shut it down and make repairs.

Talk to pros

Lift Stations are like anything – they need to be taken care of in order to work properly. Eventually, they’ll need some sort of repairs. Lift stations are actually both complex and simple things – but cleaning and maintaining should be left to professionals. Not only will they have the expertise to help maintain your system, but that exact same maintenance will be the reason you get more life out of your lift station and a better return on your investment.

Maintenance is a must

This is really just building off of what we said above, but make sure that whoever does your install can also do regular, ongoing maintenance as well. This way you’ll avoid issues like backups and clogs – of which can do a real number on your wallet. Most pros can make cleaning easy and effortless and will visit on scheduled intervals to make sure everything is working as it should be.

If you’re looking for a new lift station in the Pensacola area, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Good luck!