All about pump stations

For many of our customers, ‘lift stations’ are a new concept. Sometimes they’re considered ‘pump stations’ – but for most people, they have no clue what they are. Today, we’re going to discuss what some of these lift stations are and what they’re primarily used for.

Let’s jump right in.

Canal systems

Canal systems are the big daddy of lift stations and work in an entirely unique way to other pumps. Simply put, they are a vital ingredient to any canal system. Anytime a vessel passes through a canal, water gets lost. It goes from the upper part of the system to the lower because of how those locks work. To keep them navigable, the water has to be replaced and that’s where lift stations come into play. The lift station simply pumps water from existing sources of water to help resupply the canal.

In most situations, it’s something you’ll never have to worry about – but is worth knowing about because it gives you an idea of just how powerful lift stations can be.

Land drainage

Pump stations are very useful when it comes to land drainage; especially in low-lying areas that are below sea level. While above sea level, one can get away with digging drainage ditches – when below sea level you have to have a way of pumping the water high enough to enter channels that will eventually drain naturally. Pump stations are used for that reason.

Sewage disposal

The most common types of lift stations and the one you’ll always deal with is related to sewage disposal. In fact, over 90% of lift stations are made with sewage in mind. Lift stations essentially detect the level of sewage in a big pit called a ‘wet well’. When it gets to a point, a sensor will go off and drains the sewage in the pit. When the pit gets full, the pump starts to ‘lift’ the sewage – therefore the term ‘lift station’ was born. Sometimes that sewage gets lifted to a treatment plant. Other times – most of the time, in fact – it ends up going into a holding tank. Eventually those holding tanks need to be pumped and a licensed pro needs to be called to haul the wastewater away.

So there you have it. Lift stations in a nutshell! If you have any issues with your station or need questions answered about your system, give us a call today!