All about sump pumps

With more building going on than ever before, we’re also starting to see a rise in the number of septic systems that are going into the ground. With that, comes the expanded use of sump pumps. Sump pumps are NOT like the ones in your basement. Those are for storm water only. In our world, sump pumps work with your septic system to help discharge waste from your home.

Types of pumps

Generally speaking, you’ll find two types of sump pumps: grinder pumps and effluent pumps. Grinder pumps are an absolute necessity if you live in a home where the grade from your home to your septic tank is uphill. It takes waste and grinds it into blackwater and pumps it into the tank. Effluent pumps move the septic effluent up to your drain field. Just like a grinder pump, these are a necessity if your septic tank is graded higher than your home.

Do they require maintenance?

Lucky for us, sewage sump pumps don’t require too much in the way of direct maintenance. If they’re properly taken care of they can last in upwards of 7 years. Just like with anything pertaining to your septic system or sewage lines – the best way to ensure its health and longevity is to be conscientious about what you’re putting down your toilet and making sure you have regular, ongoing maintenance scheduled.

Be careful what you throw down the toilet

You need to be careful about what goes down the drain largely because it can totally wreck your pump. In some cases, it can do so to the degree that an excess accumulation of solids will build up over time and possibly lead to contamination and total system failure.

Power outages

The other thing you’ll have to be mindful about is when the power goes out. Your sump pumps operate on electricity – which means power outages can lead to disaster. If a grinder pump stops working, it can back up into sinks, drains or toilets. If your effluent pump isn’t working – your holding tank could overflow. Conserve your water as much as possible during a power outage. Most modern tanks are designed to hold a little extra if something like a power outage occurs, but we don’t recommend leaving it to chance.

If you think your sewage sump pump needs maintenance or if you’re thinking of installing one, give us a call and we’ll give you a free consultation. Good luck!