Common Reasons for a Leaky Septic Tank

One of the worst things that can happen to a septic tank owner is for there to be a leak. It’s not just the saturation – it’s also a matter of the surrounding area being contaminated with sewage and waste coming from the tank itself. 

As bad as that is right now, that isn’t your priority. Your priority is getting it fixed and identifying the reasons that caused the leak to begin with. Today, we’re going to discuss a few of the causes of septic tank leaks so that you know what to look for when it’s time to call your service pro. Let’s jump right in!

Broken backwater valves

Backwater valves are pipes that connect your house and septic tank. Over time, this pipe is susceptible to being damaged by sediment or if you live in a particularly dry and warm climate – the rubber valves can dry up and crack. When this happens – it can evolve into a source of sewage leaks. 

Damaged baffles

Baffles serve almost as buffers – laying in the middle of the inlet and outlet pipes to help control and somewhat regulate the flow of waste. It engages in a kind of balancing act – being flexible enough to allow flow – but not so inflexible that the tank fills up too quickly. These can be damaged by all sorts of natural outlets – from roots, rocks and branches. We’ve even seen baffles damaged when people use jet pumps to clean their septic tanks. 

Clogged separators

Separators remove sludge from wastewater as it heads into the tank. While generally speaking – it does a great job of this – over time sludge can sneak through and begin to build up. When it happens, the sludge can clog the separator and no longer allows for waste water to flow into the tank, causing both leaks and overflows.

High water level

Excess water usually drains into a drainfield – but over time it can build up and begin to leak. High water levels are also a direct result of not getting your tank pumped consistently. Getting your tank emptied every year or so – is an extremely important part of owning a septic tank and failing to do so can cause a lot of damage – the first of which are leaks. 

If you’re looking for a septic tank or lift station company in Tampa, FL- then consider giving us a call today. If you’re experiencing a leak – don’t delay- give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Until then – good luck!