Does Your Lift Station Need to Be Cleaned?

If you aren’t making sure that your lift station is properly maintained then you can expect a whole host of problems to follow. Things like leaks, sewage backup, broken pipes, faulty wiring, and motor failure are just some of the problems you can encounter. Keeping your station maintained is going to be vital to ensuring that it continues to work at peak performance. 

Today, we’re going to briefly discuss when it’s time for pumping and cleaning your lift station and what some of the telltale signs are that it needs maintenance. Let’s jump right in!


Particularly in configurations where there’s a grease station attached to your lift station system – there’s a good chance that grease and build-up can cause issues. More often than not, they build up on the pumps and floats that help to usher waste away from your home. When too much builds up, it can cause an entire system failure. 

Especially if you’re a restaurant owner, you’ll want to make sure your lift stations are cleaned on a strict, 90-day cleaning cycle. This is the best way to make sure your lift station stays clean and fully operational. 


If you find yourself noticing strong odors coming from multiple drains in your residential or commercial property, then it’s usually an indication that there is backup somewhere in your lift station and it may be in need of maintenance. The truth is, while we do our best to police ourselves and others, all sorts of things end up heading toward a septic or through a drainage system – so it really could be anything. But if you’re noticing a backup, it’s time to call a pro. 

Unusual bills

If you get your monthly electrical or water bill and you’re beginning to notice a pretty significant difference in what you owe – your lift station could potentially be the culprit. When there’s backup OR when there’s grease, certain pumps may be continuously running. Damaged pumps might be working at half the speed an efficiency that they normally do. Some components fail completely which results in other components over compensating. Whatever the issue is, they can cost you in your monthly bills but also be a big red flag that something is amiss with your lift station.

The best way to avoid issues with your lift station is to simply put yourself on a preventative, ongoing maintenance plan. While it’ll cost you a bit up front, it’s potentially a fraction of what it could cost you to foot the entire bill of a system failure. In the event you do experience a failure or notice any of these signs – it’s definitely time to call a lift station service professional like the ones at R&R Lift stations. If you have any questions or need a little extra help trouble shooting your issues – give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then, good luck!