Fall septic tank maintenance tips

The fall is coming up quickly and as such, it’ll be time to start thinking about how you can prepare your home for the coming cold weather.

And truth be told – there’s a lot to do! Raking leaves, prepping your lawn, pruning your trees – it’s a lot! One thing you absolutely should do is add your septic tank and plumbing to the to-do list. Just like your lawn, the fall is the best time to check for damage, make improvements and get the most out of your maintenance.

Here are some things you can do to help keep your tank in tip-top-shape in the fall!

Let that grass grow!

Believe it or not, we really like the idea of your grass growing to round six inches in the area where your septic tank is. That should also include the drain field and connecting pipes. The extra grass will give your tank a little added insulation and will reduce the chances of any freeze

Spreading mulch

Mulch is great regardless of the season largely because it regulates the temperature of the soil in a given area. Things like ruptures, punctures, collapses and the like – the really catastrophic stuff – happens because of temperature irregularities, not because it’s too hot or cold for too long. Additionally, it’ll also help keep leaves away from the system itself, which is less clutter to deal with on your end.

Repair any and all leaks

The fall is a great time to make a run-through your property and check out your pipes and plumbing. If you run across any leaks for trouble spots – fix them now. The winter can bring a ton of issues for pipes so it’s important to get on things before the weather gets cold.

Add some warm water

Try to do a load of dishes or perhaps even a load of laundry with warm or hot water each day. This way, it’ll keep the tank from freezing while balancing the temperature outside. Try to run a cycle of warm water through the pipes at least once a day.

If you’re wondering about the condition of your septic tank and would like to schedule some time for a pro to come and give you a consultation, give us a call today!