Four things every septic tank owner should know

About 25% of all US homes use a septic system. Whether you’re getting one installed or simply just taking it into consideration, there are a whole plethora of things to learn about and understand as you get to know the system.

One common question we get is ‘tell me what I really need to know’ about owning a septic tank or a lift station. Here are the four things everyone should know about their septic system

Location, location

Whether you’re moving into a home with a system installed already or looking to install one yourself – location of the tank is everything. Not only does it make it easier for someone to service the tank, but it helps avoid accidental damage as well. There are some other things to think about as well – such as the tank’s drain field – which can impact growth and if you’re into having things like a vegetable garden then, well. You get it!

Don’t build over it, don’t drive over it

Driving a car or heavy machinery over a septic tank is a huge no-no. It can crush drain lines and cause severe backup. In addition, placing structures over your tank makes it harder to get to – which means it’s harder to maintain. Even worse, if something goes wrong – it’ll be double trouble as not only will you have to get to the tank to deal with that damage, you’ll have to damage/move/demolish another structure in order to get to it.

Know that they require maintenance

Just like anything that’s worth having, you need to take care of your septic tank in order for it run properly. That means scheduling regular maintenance by a certified technician but it that’s not nearly as important as the day to day care you show the tank. That means not dumping cooking grease or coffee grounds down the sink, it means not flushing wet wipes or feminine products down the toilet. That means being a little more mindful of the chemical products you use in your home.

You don’t slam on your breaks every time you stop and don’t punch the gas every time you drive in a car. With septic tanks – it’s the same general rule of thumb. Take care of it, it’ll take care of you.

Additives are probably a big waste of money

Pro tip from us – additives are usually not necessary. So long as you don’t overuse your household chemicals, your tank’s liner should be fine as everything balances out with the bacteria. Some people will tell you that using additives will help you avoid the need for pumping but reality is – you need to pump your tank every 3-5 years anyway regardless if additives are involved or not. So don’t waste the money.

If you have questions about your septic systems or are interested in installing one, give us a shout today! Good luck!