Frequently Asked Questions on Septic Tank Inspections

Before our customers called a Tampa septic tank company, most of them were not familiar with how the pump out process works. Since 1984 we have been asked the most interesting questions professionals in our industry can imagine.

As we continue to find ways to educate Central Florida about septic tanks, here are a few answers to questions we have received over the years with hopes that this information will give you a better idea about your residential or commercial property septic tank.


Does the pump out take place before an inspection?

No. the health of the sewage will determine if the tank is working properly. Concrete septic tanks rarely fail below the water line level because hydrogen sulphide reacts with the concrete above the water line that can create an unsafe structural condition.

Is a large amount of water put through the system to conduct a stress test?

No. During a stress test, water is put through the treatment/disposal system for 24 to 48 hours. It does not provide good information on oxygen moving through the system and if bacteria are working properly.

Can advanced treatment units such as EcoFlo or BioNest be inspected?

Yes, the inspector has to be familiar with the technology by being authorized by the manufacturer or attending educational classes on advanced treatment units.

Can a Tampa septic tank company guarantee the inspection results?

An assumption can be made on how long the system will last if current conditions continue. However, we can’t guarantee the system will last X amount of years because you will be monitoring the system for proper maintenance in the future.

What if the previous owners used septic tank additive?

A majority of septic tank additives are pH adjusters and may have not been to the system. An inspection will determine how effective additives have been and if the additive should be used in the future.

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