Keeping Your Septic Team Working Well in the Summer

Whether you’re a residential homeowner with a lift station and septic tank or a commercial restaurant owner with frequent bathroom goers – today’s blog is for you. The summertime is busy – whether at home or on the job. Kids are home, people are out and summer time fun is ready to be had by all. 

Today, we’re going to talk about how you can keep things flushing smoothly in your bathroom so that you, your family or perhaps even your customers won’t be on the receiving end of well, issues. Let’s jump right in. 

Being careful about what you flush

You’d figure this is something most would take for granted but not everyone does. Our biggest recommendation is to have a small sign about what can’t be flushed. Just to give people the heads up. Why? Because things like feminine products, baby wipes, makeup wipes, trash and the like can really ruin your septic tank if you’re not careful. Particularly cleaning products (for homeowners). Cleaning products can actually kill healthy bacteria in your tank and prevent your septic system from breaking down waste water the way it needs to be. All that does, is lead to preventable backup. 

Have fun, put something up unassuming but with a giggle – most will appreciate it and so will your septic tank or lift station. 

Preventative maintenance is a must

You should really get your tank cleaned every 2-3 year but depending on your tank – it might need to be pumped more. What you’ll definitely want more of though – is for someone to come by once a year to inspect it. Septic tanks can be fickle things and as such – having someone to make sure that the tank is doing its job and that there aren’t any emerging problem areas is a must – particularly if you’re a commercial business owner. 

In addition, a maintenance pro will be able to check things in and around your tank that might be causing obstructions or other potential issues. That way, you can get out ahead of problems before they become an expensive mess. 

On garbage disposals and DIY

Regarding both of these: don’t. 

Do whatever you can to avoid using the garbage disposal. It can introduce buildup and chemicals to the tank that could knock it severely off balance and lead to needless buildup and backup. Ditto for trying to do any kind of ‘chemical balancing’ yourself. Septic tanks are extremely complex systems and require professional attention to detail. Call a pro. Don’t try to force things on your own. 

Hopefully you found today’s blog helpful. If you need to get your septic tank or lift station looked at, give us a call today and we’ll give you a free consultation. Until then – good luck!