Lift Station Level Measurement Challenges

A Central Florida sewer lift station that runs without regular maintenance can experience level measurement challenges along the way. A level sensor has to be designed for accuracy of reading pump controls.

Many people are unfamiliar with the environment inside of a lift station. Air quality and water require high grade stainless steel equipment that is resistant to corrosion. Low quality equipment will result in downtime and high costs of a lift station replacement by an owner.

As grease, solids and debris builds up, level sensors can become clogged and will result in an owner being responsible for periodic maintenance. Sensors need to be placed in the opposite position where the highest amount of sewage mixing takes place.

Old technology experiences a sensor drift which affects a level sensors performance. We recommend using advanced level transducers to improve the sensor performance long term. We have also noticed that most Tampa lift stations perform at peak performance when submersible transducers are vented to the atmosphere.

Inside of a vented transducer is a vent tube inside of a cable. This vent requires protection from moisture and travels from the transducer which can cause failures. One of our R and R Lift Station Service specialists can route the sensor cable to a protected and dry enclosure.

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