Septic tank inspections in new home purchases

Purchasing a home is one of the most exciting things you do in life and there’s perhaps no greater reward in life than moving into a home that has the kinds of amenities your whole family wants. As you move forward in the process, you’ll have a whole bevy of things that you’ll have to get done, and one of those – if your new home has a septic tank – will be a septic system inspection. 

While you’ll have lots to grapple with as you close on your new home, today we’re going to spell out what your septic tank inspection will look like and what you can expect. There’s a lot of anxiety around things like this and hopefully, this will put your mind at ease. Let’s jump right in. 

Is a septic tank inspection necessary before you close?

Not only is it necessary, its law in many states. The seller of the home must obtain and schedule a qualified inspector who will then provide you, the buyer – with a written report on the tank before the sale can become binding. 

What makes this so important?

Septic tank inspections are important for the same reason that general home inspections are important. They give you valuable information on the overall health of your septic system. Whenever you buy a new home, you’ll rest easier knowing that your electrical, plumbing and heating systems are all up and running. Septic systems are just as important. 

In addition if there are issues, they could be potential deal breakers – or; in most cases – they’ll cause you to renegotiate the price of the house. Just like any wellness visit to your doctor, septic tank inspections help you identify small problems before they become major issues. And take it from us – septic tank malfunctions never come at a good time. 

What should I do when I get the report?

As is the case with anything in life, it’s important to ask questions. After all, this is going to be your home. You should know as much about it as possible. Here are some good questions to ask the inspector:

  • How often has the tank been pumped?
  • Where is it located?
  • Have there been any issues with the septic tank in the past?
  • What repairs have been done in the past?
  • How old is the tank?

Once you purchase the home, we definitely recommend that you don’t just leave it. If you need to get a pumping done, get it done right off the bat and make sure you have an inspection every other year to check on the health of your system. Septic systems are like anything else – you need to maintain them and keep an eye on them as the years pass.

If you need a septic tank inspection or are looking for guidance on what to expect with lift stations or septic systems, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then, congratulations on the new home and good luck!