Septic Tank Maintenance for Beginners

So you’ve gone through the process and now you’re ready to take the dive an install a septic system on your property. With the project on the horizon, you’ll have to take care of a few things so that your home and property is prepared for what’s coming. Most importantly, it’ll help you stay out ahead of any potential problems that might arise.

As a homeowner, here are a few of the things you can do to make sure your next installation comes off without a hitch. Let’s jump right in.

Get your soil tested

Getting your soil tested is pretty much standard operating procedure for any septic installation – and an important one. This will verify that your land can support having a septic tank.

Septic systems use the surrounding soil to filter and purify wastewater. Getting the soil tested lets you know what you’re working with and if accommodations or alteration to the soil needs to be done – that you’ll have time to make the necessary adjustments.

Let your neighbors know

Letting your neighbors know that you’ll basically be nuking your back yard for a few days is the common sense and courteous thing to do. It’s not exactly a quiet job, either and there will be plenty of trucks and other equipment parked in the road. While it won’t and shouldn’t ever be completely disruptive, your neighbors need to know so they can navigate their lives as best as possible. It’s a simple, kind gesture that we’re sure they’ll appreciate.

Plan water usage

So the least fun part about septic installations is that while it’s being installed – you’ll have no water. So if you need to, stock up on drinking water and if it’s hot out – make sure you have a way to keep it cool.

Also be mindful of toilet and shower use. For a toilet – it might just be best to rent a portable toilet and have that on-site for your family and for the workers. Similarly, you’ll need a place to shower. Try to coordinate with family and friends to make sure everyone’s schedules are minimally disrupted. You might even want to consider an overnight at a hotel.

Trust us when we tell you that your septic system will be great, but the installation is no easy or quick process. Follow these tips and plan ahead. Good luck!