Septic Tanks and Clean Water

Septic tank offers a number of advantages for homeowners but they can also come with a number of very real concerns if care isn’t taken during installation. One of those worries is that septic tanks might pose a threat to contaminate local wells and nearby bodies of water.

The fact is – it shouldn’t be too much of a worry if done right – in fact not much of a worry at all. Septic Tanks are more environmentally friendly than sewage lines, even. But ‘done right’ is a very specific thing and that’s why we’ve put today’s blog together. The health of our families and the land around us is important!

Make sure your septic system isn’t near your drinking water well

To make sure your tank doesn’t contaminate your well, it’s important to make sure that the tank is installed far away from your well. Even when tanks are installed properly, accidents can still happen. And if they do, you don’t want it to effect your drinking water.

This is also important because it’s the law. Many states even have minimum distances that need to be abided by. Make sure you’re in the know when it comes to what laws and guidelines you need to be following.

Test your drinking water

Just to be safe – get your drinking water tested semi-frequently. The EPA recommends that you get it done at least once a year – particularly if you have children in your home.

Get your system serviced and pumped regularly

Most issue with septic tanks come about almost exclusively due to lack of maintenance. The best thing you can do is to make sure your tank is serviced, inspected and cleaned as often as possible. If you get on problems before they become problems, you’ll not only save a lot of money, but save yourself from potential contamination.

Make sure your well is deep enough

Depth and soil quality make a significant difference when it comes to avoiding contamination. If your well is dug shallow – the more likely it is to be effected in the event of some sort of septic system malfunction.

If this chat about clean water is making you think – well then maybe it’s time for an inspection! Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to come out and give you a free consultation. Good luck!