Signs of septic tank emergencies

Septic tanks are finicky things. When they’re working great – you barely notice them. When something fails and the system goes south – they have a habit of becoming the center of your life. Because those two bookends represent such extreme reactions and emotions in your life, it’s important to recognize signs that your system may be on the cusp of an emergency before it’s an emergency.  

Here are some signs you can look for to help you mitigate the risk of a potential catastrophe.

Your toilet is backing up

Hey we’re to be gross – but the #1 sign that your septic tank is in trouble is backup in your toilet. The worst part about this particular cue is that it can manifest itself in any place where there’s a drain. Yes – it usually presents itself in your toilet – but it can also occur in sinks, bathtubs and the like.

And when you’re experiencing backup in your home, chances are you already have leaks in your lines and you’re about to experience issues in your drain field. This is NOT a problem you can help remedy. Use your usual tools – plumbing snake, drain cleaner and the plunger. But if that’s not working, it’s time to call a pro before the problem gets bigger!

Line issues

Line issues can be categorized in levels. Big backups really fall under what we talked about above. Periodic back ups however, still may point towards potential issues with your system. Do you have trees growing near your tank that could be spreading roots into your pipes? Do you have bushes or shrubs planted in less than desirable locations? If so, you’ll experience periodic, temporary backup in anything with a drain – but most likely in places like a washing machine where it won’t drain all the way, or leak water and suds from the piping in the back. While is MOSTLY a minor issue, it’s important to get the line scoped. Because if it isn’t, there’s chances that it’s not just the line that’s affected, but the septic system as well.

Keep up on your maintenance

Noticing a reoccurring theme in our blogs? Well, there’s a good reason for that. Whether you’re dealing with a lift station, clog or any issue associated with all things septic – all of them can be traced back to a lack of maintenance. That’s why we recommend that you bring in a pro to do a walk through at least once a year, but ideally twice. That way you can chop $5k+ issues into a few hundred bucks or a throw-in simple repair.

If you want a full inspection of your septic system or lift station, give us a call and we’ll do a fee-free walkthrough and evaluation.