Signs Your Lift Station May Be Failing

Lift stations are a vital component in your overall septic system. WIthout these pumps, the septic tank won’t drain – which can lead to a myriad of issues. Today, we’re going to discuss why your lift stations are so crucial to your septic tank’s ability to function at a high level as well as what some of the signs might be that would indicate that your lift station needs some maintenance.

You can’t simply just look at a lift station and determine what’s wrong, but there are some symptoms you can be on the lookout for. Here’s what some of them are:

Slow drainage

If you’re noticing that your sinks, toilets and tubs are draining slowly, it could be due to a failing lift station. But how do you determine if it’s not just a simple clog somewhere? We take the all-drains approach. If it’s just one drain – chances are it’s a clog and/or a plumbing issue. If it’s all your drains – it’s far more likely to be a septic issue. 

Backed up toilet

Gross, we know! And truth be told – a backed up toilet may NOT be a result of a lift station failure- but there are some ways to tell. First off – whenever you have a septic tank – there’s a lot of stuff you don’t want to throw down the toilet – cleaning agents, sanitary napkins, feminine hygiene pads/tampons and a whole host of other things. Make sure people in your house are using the bathrooms appropriately. 

Second, you might want to call a plumber – especially if you’re noticing backup in one toilet over another. But if you’re noticing this beginning to occur in multiple bathrooms in your home, just like we said above – it’s more than likely a septic issue. 

Intensely foul odors

Any time you smell strong, foul odors in and around your home – make sure you get it checked out. Sometimes these odors happen for no other reason than they do – but if you’re noticing that they’re particularly strong- call a professional just to make sure. Intensely foul odors are usually a symptom of a faulty septic system.

Soggy patches in your yard

Anytime you notice soggy patches around your septic tank – it’s likely due to overflow. That could indicate backup in your pipes or lift station, or simply you might have a tank that’s grossly overdue for a good pumping. Whichever it is – your course of action is the same as above. Call a pro and get some help!

Hopefully you found today’s blog helpful. If you’d like to learn more about lift stations and their maintenance – feel free to give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then – good luck!