Signs your lift station needs rehab

We’ve all been there before – you’re headed out to your lift station to unplug another pump. Or dealing with more backup. Or you’re dealing with perpetually unstable surroundings. It’s getting old and it’s getting really expensive.

Chances are – you’re probably in need of a lift station rehabilitation – which is the topic of our blog today. Here are some of the common signs that you might be in line for one. Let’s jump right in!

Long runtimes

If it seems like your pump just won’t ever stop running, then it’s probably because it’s worn out. Lift Stations can take a beating over time and clearances can open up, impellers will wear down and casings become faulty. When this is happening, your pump is left efficient and you get less flow. It’s good to get on the ball with these things as they can lead to other problems quickly.

Clogged pumps

If you’re constantly dealing with wastewater backup in your system, the chances are there’s a clog somewhere. Whenever you deal with wastewater, you deal with some nasty things including sanitary products, and rags. They’re simply not built to casually move through impellers – especially older models. Newer models however – are. So if there’s a continuous backlog issue, consider and out and out replacement to a newer model and you should be fine.

Faulty concrete

Concrete is great, but concrete holding a lift station can break down really fast. Lift Stations can create a lot of gas when combined with all the elements that go through them and while it’s not toxic to the air or earth per se – it can do a number on concrete and erode, crack and even crumble it over time. Wet wells are usually the best solution to preventing this – as it makes easier for wastewater to pass through.

If your station is exhibiting these signs, consider rehabilitating it. It’ll save you continued headaches and money – making for a safer, more efficient lift station for you, your clients and your operators.