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A septic tank in your backyard is a system that many homeowners disregard after purchasing a property. It is an unfamiliar machine that plays an important part in the wastewater removal from our property to the city line. A residential or commercial property owner that neglects its septic tank can lead to calling a Tampa Lift Stations company to fix an emergency. We receive these calls and end up teaching our customers about how it works and what to look out for to avoid complications. Contact us for septic tank maintenance and emergencies at 813.986.1007.

We recommend that you take the time to read this blog to learn more about your septic tank to determine when it needs an inspection, maintenance or repairs. Here are the parts that make up a septic tank that you need to know:


A septic inspection can help reduce the chance of a serious problem with your water supply and costly repairs shortly. Ask R and R Lift Station Services as your Tampa Lift Stations specialist to look at the condition of the wastewater pipe.


After you flush the toilet in your property, water enters the main wastewater pipe. This pipe moves the wastewater from the property into your septic tank. If the pipe cracks, it gets clogged, and it can lead to a plumbing emergency.


The section that surrounds a septic tank is a drain field or leach field. When liquid wastewater is treated in your septic tank, it flows into a drain field. To ensure the water supply in your house is flowing properly, the drain field can be altered by gravel or debris to help promote proper drainage. When the drain field becomes flooded, this means that the septic tank needs to be pumped out by a specialist.


The most familiar part that people are familiar with is the septic tank. When a Tampa Florida septic tank services expert installs the system, the septic tank gets buried at a location on the property. It is made to house the wastewater safely that comes from your home. While the wastewater sits in the tank, it separates liquid and solid waste. You will need to hire a septic Tampa Florida Septic tank company to pump the to pump out all waste in the tank.

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