Tampa Lift Stations That Stop Functioning

How To Deal With Old Tampa Lift Stations

The one part of the infrastructure we cannot control is aging materials. It is common for homeowners and municipalities to deal with aging, dry lift stations that no longer function. When pumps are worn out and are unable to function, this is a sign that your Tampa lift stations need to be fixed or repaired. We are the best company to call in the community for maintenance and repairs. Call R and R Lift Stations Services today to 813-986-1007!

If your lift stations were installed in the 1970s, they are aged and can pose a threat to your employees, family, and the environment.

When your daily checks are inefficient because it takes a lot of time and multiple employees to complete tasks, this is a sign it is time for repairs. It can be a challenge for a Tampa lift stations specialist to examine the strength of the steel structure. In this scenario, to prevent more wastewater issues, replacing lift stations with a safer solution is operator friendly and the best decision to make.

Helpful Advice With Old Tampa Lift Stations

  1. Call us to clean your wet wells twice a year or when you need to remove a build-up of debris in a grease trap or lift station. If grease is left uncleaned over time, it can damage the impeller.
  2. We can inspect the submersible pumps on a quarterly basis to determine the condition of the impeller and check if there are materials that are clogging the pumps.
  3. The valve needs to be reviewed every two years to prevent wastewater issues with the wet well and force main.
  4. The floats need to be cleaned four times a year to remove grease that can stop proper functioning of the floats.
  5. If you have alarm systems, check it once a week to ensure the alarm will go off if a problem occurs.
  6. Consider the option of installing an hourly meter on the motors for an updated recording of the cycle behavior status.
  7. We recommend that you complete an amp reading once a month. If you notice that the reading is negative, debris might be in the propeller, water or motor.
  8. The Tampa lift station covers and basin need to be cleaned to prevent a build up of waste.
  9. Keep accurate records of scheduled maintenance every year. When you call us as your Tampa lift stations specialist, we will have a better idea of the issue.

We want to take the time to say Happy New Year. Make your Tampa lift stations happy and call us to complete regular checks and maintenance.