Tampa Lift Station Issues To Look Out For

Tampa Lift Stations Expert Advice

Tampa lift stations are meant to last if maintenance and repairs are completed throughout the year. A lift station pumps water from a low to high elevation, and the water has a less amount of gravity needed for a steady water flow. While we hope it doesn’t happen to you, there are times when a lift station can lose pressure and the water inside cannot move properly throughout the system. We have included a few things to look out for to help you get a better understanding of how to take care of your system.

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Broken valves or pipes

When the valves or pipes break, the pressure will drop. A broken valve will stop the proper flow of wastewater that normally takes place inside of a lift station. The best solution is to call a qualified lift station specialist to check the valves to confirm if it is at100 percent capacity.

The pipes are clogged or full of deposits

When the day comes when your Tampa lift stations are clogged, low pressure in the pipes and the flow of wastewater can potentially accumulate waste deposits and block the pipes. It can lead to an increase in pressure on one side of the blockage and low pressure on the opposite side.

Frozen pipes

With global warming and its strong influence on the weather, in the cold season in Florida lift station pipes can potentially freeze, expand and crack. If the pipes are not functioning, it can cause a leak. We recommend that you keep your pipes insulated during unusual Florida temperatures.

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