Professional Holiday Cleaning for Tampa Lift Stations

The end of the year is almost here and most companies in and around the surrounding areas of Tampa are checking the items on a To Do List to ensure that the New Year runs smoothly. While it is important to stay up to date with regular maintenance and fix repairs before it becomes a big problem, we recommend that you think about the safety of your family, employees, visitors or customers that come to your home or establishment every day. As we continue to bring the Thanksgiving and Christmas cheer for you as our customer, let’s encourage a stress free, safety environment for all.

The regular cleaning of lift stations can cut down on costly repairs to pumps and the time it takes for a Tampa lift stations services specialist to clean a backup of waste. Most people are unaware that there is heavy mud and thick waste that is stopped from entering the sewer line which is a nightmare to experience if it does. Call us at 813-986-1007 as your Tampa Septic Tank Service company to get the job done right the first time.

Top Signs You Need a Tampa Lift Station Cleaning

Call R and R Lift Station Services when you need a lift station cleaning if you see debris and waste building up near the edge of your tank. Do you notice debris on the ball valve? This means that the tank needs a thorough cleaning before the pump burns out.

Do you own a restaurant with a grease trap in your kitchen? Do you use a grease trap for your multi-family property? Grease is inevitable. It will enter drains and coat the inside of floats and pumps. This is when it is time to call a Tampa Septic Tank Service  company for a professional cleaning.

Call R and R Lift Station Services at 813-986-1007 for lift station cleaning in Tampa.

The Peak Performance that Your Lift Station Needs

If your lift station moves sanitary waste, R and R Lift Station Services recommends scheduled maintenance to fit its usage level. From lift stations for residential properties to commercial pump chambers, we have 32 years of experience to support the job. We repair floats, alarm boxes, and submersible pumps just to name a few.

Here are the Tampa Septic Tank Services that We Offer:

Full Lift Station Services

  • Pump repair and maintenance
  • Control Panel  repair and maintenance
  • Cleaning/Pump Outs
  • Pump Rentals
  • 34 submersible pumps available
  • From 1 to 25 HP at the ready
  • Monthly Service Contracts
  • 130 lift station contracts in place
  • 1 hour emergency service guaranteed
  • New UL 508 listed panels by Digital Control Company
  • New pumps by Tsurumi and other fine brands

Monthly Service Contracts

  • 130 lift station contracts in place
  • 1 hour emergency service guaranteed
  • Call for a free quote