A Business Owners Guide to Lift Station Maintenance

When a business is located near a city sewer line, water moves into a lift station from a property’s bathroom and kitchen. When a lift station becomes full, the pumps will move the waste in the opposite direction of the main city line. If a lift station isn’t functioning properly, major problems will begin. To prevent this from happening, have a specialist schedule regular maintenance.

A lift station for a commercial property with a sanitary waste connection needs less maintenance than one that is used for a restaurant or a large facility. However, restaurants or businesses with busy kitchens that use grease traps connected to a lift station require more maintenance. If grease accumulates over a long period of time, the lift station will stop functioning until it is cleaned.

When you notice grease sticking onto the walls of a lift station, it is time to call a local lift station company. Restaurants need grease traps to be cleaned once a month. In addition, a Property Manager of an apartment or a condominium building needs to keep them cleaned every three months.

If you procrastinate on cleaning these lift stations, it will eventually be a costly fix since grease can eventually turn into a solid. Clean lift stations will provide a better customer experience and an apartment building can continue to earn profits without temporary delays in the water system.

A good pressure wash is a basic cleaning method a business owner can complete in between maintenance. If the owner of the business does not work at the location when a lift station specialist is at the location, an employee on-site should take pictures after the job is done. This will give you an idea if it was cleaned properly.

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