What to Ask Before Completing A Septic Tank Pump Out

Before you get a pump out for your septic tank, you will need an experienced and certified septic company like R and R Lift Station Services in Tampa that will suit your needs. Make sure to locate the septic tank on your property before the company comes out to do the cleaning. With over 32 years of experience, we want to give you industry advice on questions to ask the before scheduling a pump-out.

  1. Find out the cost of the pump-out.
  2. Ask if there is an additional cost if the septic tank is over 1,000 gallons.
  3. The specialist needs to advise if the total cost to do the job will include digging to remove the septic tank lid(s).
  4. Is there a charge by the foot?

If there is no charge, what is the cost to dig out the following:

  • septic tank lid
  • septic tank lids
  • Pump tank lid
  1. Are there fees for dumping the solids/debris?
  2. Is the inspection of the inlet and outlet baffles included in the total cost?
  3. What is the charge to clean the filter baffle?
  4. How about charges for extra water and the time needed to pump a tank that has not been maintained?
  5. Give the pump-out specialist the distance to pump and the elevation to where the Pumper’s truck is located (i.e. Driveway).

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