Three cost-saving septic system tips

Septic system maintenance isn’t something anyone wants to think about and it most certainly doesn’t need to be the burden that people make it out to be. With a little planning and attention to detail, you can do some things that’ll not only make life with your septic system easier, but cost a whole less as well!

Let’s jump right in!

Be wary of what you’re flushing and draining

 There are certain things you might avoid in your daily diet because you know they’re bad for you. You need to treat your septic system the same way! Certain things you put into a septic tank are bad for it – and should be avoided. Keep things like baby wipes, disposable diapers, paper towels, bandages, cigarette butts, floss, cat litter, condoms, feminine products, paint, paint thinner and bleach OUT of your drains.

Not only can they clog your system, but they can disrupt the ecosystem of bacteria in your tank that keep it working and running seamlessly. The bacteria is there to break down solids in your tank and when outside chemicals get in and kill them – it makes it harder for your tank to do it’s job.

Keep your plants and trees away from your drain field

 It’s really important that when you install your system that you’re cognizant of where your trees and bushes are. One of the biggest causes of tank failure stems from root infiltration. Big trees have larger root systems and often time they’ll grow into the tank and cause a whole myriad of problems. Root infiltration can even penetrate pies, distribution boxes and other components in the drain field.

When this happens – it’s doubly bad – because now you not only have a septic issue, but now you have a tree-removal and contaminant issue. Shallow grass should be the only thing on top of your system – especially in the drain field.

Don’t let problems because emergencies

 The best thing you can do for your health is to have a physical with your doctor. Best thing you can do for your septic system is the same thing – make sure someone does a check up every year! Doing so will not only insure that your get out ahead of costly problems before they occur, but that you’ll also dramatically increase the lifespan of your system.

We always say the best way to treat your septic system is how you’d treat yourself. A little planning and preventative maintenance can go a long way towards a happier, healthier relationship with your septic system. Good luck!