Under-The-Radar Things You Can Do to Increase the Life Span of Your Septic…

Septic systems are an essential component to any home they’re connected to and as such and is the case with anything in our home -we’re looking to get the most out of it. While we’ve talked about a lot of the obvious things you can do to make sure your tank is running smoothly, there are quite a few, under-the-radar things you can do as well that won’t only help you get more out of your septic tank, but also extend it’s life.

Let’s jump right in!

Always remember it’s a septic tank, not a trash can!

We’ve touched on this in the past but it bears repeating – but there are a whole swath of things you don’t flush down the toilet and other things you don’t throw down the drain. These things include non-human waste and they’re more difficult for your system to effectively break down, causing your tank to have to work overtime in order to do so. They can cause expensive breakdowns and can even potentially cause extremely expensive malfunctions. 

Laundry detergent

There’s usually frequent talk about what not to throw down most household appliances, but you know which one gets off scott free and shouldn’t? Your washing machine! That water goes somewhere – soap and all and as such, you should take some time to make sure that your detergent can be used with a septic tank. If not, they can cause clumping and clogs within the pumps and what does get to the chamber can disrupt and prevent beneficial bacteria from forming. Just check the label of your laundry detergent – you should be able to find brands that are ok to use in septic tanks.

Keep trees away

Especially here in Florida – trees can really add a lot to the landscape – but they can be big time trouble for your septic tank and drain field. Trooth have extensive root systems and said roots will ultimately attempt to seek out water. They can end up in your drainfield which is bad for the tree, but they can also end up growing around and in some cases – even INTO your tank – which can cause untold issues heading forward. Make sure whatever trees you have or are planning on plating, that they’re well away from the septic tank and drainfield. 

Florida rain

A problem exclusive to our back yard – it seems like sometimes here in Florida that it rains every day. Every septic tank has a drain field – or a place where you tank drains into an area designed to filter the water naturally and return it to the environment. When there’s too much rainfall, or you have downspouts on your home that direct too much water too quickly away from your home, this can direct too much water at once into your drain field, leaving it saturated. When drain fields get saturated, they don’t function as efficiently. Just make sure that any drainage paths are not aimed directly at your drain field or it can potentially cause damage. 

While some of these things seem like they might be minor, the reality is they can add up into big issues down the road if you’re not keeping your head on a swivel. Follow some of these tips and we promise you – you’ll get a longer lasting tank – and more return on your investment. If you need help servicing your tank or lift station, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Until then -good luck!