When It’s Time to Clean Your Lift Station

Just as is the case with anything you use routinely in your life – properly maintaining your sewage system in your home of business is vital in order for it to function as intended. However unlike many other things – neglecting your wastewater system can lead to serious problems including contamination, people getting sick and the like. 

Lift stations or pump stations as they’re sometimes called – are a vital part of this system – particularly in commercial designations. They help water climb and get to places where the natural grading of the ground won’t allow them to. Keeping them clean is a crucial part of your maintenance schedule – but to the layman – it’s hard to know when the right time to get it cleaned would be. 

That’s what we’re here to discuss today. Here are some of the signs you need to look out for that might be an indication that you need to get your lift station cleaned. 

Grease buildup

Especially in commercial settings like a restaurant – you may begin to see grease collecting on the walls or floating to the top of the waste within the lift itself. If you don’t clean it out, it can cause serious issues in the future – including pump failure. So as soon as you spot grease in abundance, call a professional to have them come pump your lift station. 

Foul odors

One of the most obvious signs a lift station needs to be cleaned is the appearance of some pretty pungent odors coming from the station or drains. Usually that’s an indication that there’s a backup somewhere in the system and more often than not – it’s in the lift station as things tend to get backed up in there. And while we do our best to police ourselves in terms of what goes down the drain, things do end up in there – so it could be anything. But if you smell an odor – it’s likely a backup and time to call the professionals. 

Keep an eye on your utility bills

While utility prices are certainly all over these days – if you notice a spike in your bill that isn’t accompanied with an apology letter from a CEO, it could be a sign something is up with your sewage system. If the water bill is really high or the electric bill suddenly is $75 more expensive than it was, something may be up and you’ll want to call in a pro to inspect your lift station to see what’s going on. 

At the end of the day, we encourage all of our customers to simply take a proactive posture when it comes to maintaining your septic tank, water treatment systems and lift stations. A little ongoing maintenance will go a long ways towards helping you get the most out of your system and sleep well at night knowing your system is safe. 

If you’re looking for advice or need to get your lift station cleaned, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Until then – good luck!