Why you should get your septic tank maintained in the summer

While getting your septic system maintained is important to do at any time of the year, the best time of the year to get work done is the summer. Today, we’re going to discuss why that is, what makes this season so advantageous for maintenance and why you might want to consider getting your system looked at as soon as possible. 

Let’s jump right in!

It’s easier to access your tank

In the summer, the snow is melted, the ground isn’t frozen and your septic system is much easier to both locate and access. Most septic tank companies tend to incorporate labor costs into their maintenance work, so saving time is huge and the easy access makes it so the professional can do their job quickly and efficiently. That savings can go a long way. 

Getting out ahead of issues

It’s fairly easy to assess leaks and get repairs done, generally. In the summer – it’s that much easier because of the temperatures; but as a caveat – you can get out ahead of issues before the winter hits – like frozen pipes and other septic issues. 

It’s a high usage period of time

In the summer, people are in the pool, over at the house, you’re having family over, friends of your kids – the whole nine yards. That means your house will be getting more traffic and with more traffic comes a substantially higher workload for your septic system. Having your system maintained now will help identify any potential problem areas that could be exacerbated by the higher use volume. 

When should I call?

The reality is that if you wait too long between visits you could suffer from a failing septic tank. Especially if you smell foul odors, you’re noticing any kind of backup, flow draining fixtures, or visible sewage, then it’s absolutely time to give a maintenance specialist a call. 

Hopefully today’s blog has motivated you to consider getting your maintenance work done sooner rather than later. Take advantage of the warm weather while we have it and that way you’ll be able to enjoy the summer months rather than worry about whether your septic system is working properly or not. Best of luck!