Winter Septic System Maintenance tips

Nothing can put a damper on the holiday season quite like a broken septic system. Here are three things you should try to keep in mind as we enter the colder, winter months to make sure your septic system stays up, running and operational.

Maintenance and inspection

The fall is always one of the best times to get your system inspected and cleaned out – especially if it hasn’t been done for a few years. They’ll be able to quickly identify any issues, measure scum and sludge layers and most importantly – ensure that all the connections look good and don’t have any cracks or vulnerable points.

This is important – because frozen pipes, faulty connections and tank ruptures can cause nightmares in the winter – especially if you live in an area where it snows. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Dealing with falling temperatures

Like we said above – septic systems can and do freeze – especially in colder areas of the country. Usually, septic tanks are installed with the idea of avoiding freezing in mind. The thinking being that plant cover and snowdrifts can help insulate the tank and pipes and protect them from the temperatures.

But guess what? Things can change over time! If there’s suddenly less plant cover or a major buildup of ground ice – then all of a sudden your system is exposed and that’ where problems can occur. Freezing can also occur due to issues with connections, waterlogged systems and other outside elements.

Like we said above – especially if you haven’t given too much thought to your septic system over the years – you should really get an inspection. Especially when it comes to freezing temperatures – the best treatment is prevention. And if you think your system is frozen – call a professional immediately.

Drainage, drainage, drainage

Fall and winter are primarily people’s prime feeding time, right? Thanksgiving calls the Fall home, Christmas and the Holiday season occupies the winter. And that means cooking! Which is great! But it also means that all sorts of wild things make their way down the drain! That… that’s not so great!

So try to go easy on your system and put as little stress on it as possible. Avoid the coffee grounds, food scraps and pouring grease into the drain. Be mindful of what’s going down the toilet. Use hair strainers in the showers.. go easy!